Store Caps n Cups Ozona Tumbler Antique Store From a sewing circle type operation, with a boss called Mama to a plant which sold over $872,000 worth of bedroom slippers in 1963 is the story of Mayde.

A casual hobby that started in 1944 on a ranch 50 miles from the nearest town, Mayde’s scuffs first started as a Christmas gift giving venture during World War II when selections were unsatisfactory at the local general store. The scuffs (slippers) were so well received that by March of 1948 Mayde set up a factory in her hometown of Ozona, Texas. The factory was called The Twinkle Toe Shop and by August of that year the shop had 12 employees and 14 accounts.

By 1949 the business had outgrown its Ozona plant and so the factory was moved to San Angelo, Texas where it then became The Bailey Shoe Co. In 1956 the Bailey Shoe Co became a trademark. Mayde’s Scuff were sold in upscaled stores like Nieman-Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman, Sanger-Harris, Volk Bros, Saks Fifth Ave, Marshall Fields and Macy’s.

Now you can view the actual slippers made by this Ozona company.  The slipper exhibit is on display now.