Our first floor is actually our lower floor since you enter on our second level.  This floor has some of our oldest items.  We have everything from mammoth bones, to a native American papoose carrier,  and items like old cameras and all kinds of antique business items.  We have a whole room dedicated to ancient Native American artifacts and another room dedicated to fossils.  As you walk through the area, you will visit an old dentist office, a fire fighters room, an Eastern Star Room and even a room dedicated to Davy Crockett.  But, don’t be startled,  many people jump and/or scream when they see the standing mannequin dressed as Davy Crockett just outside of the elevator.  (It makes for a great laugh if you invite your friends with you to the museum.)


Our second floor is  where you will enter.  We have many exhibits on this floor that show how people used to live.  We have a bedroom set up, a kitchen area, a parlor area and more, all  with antique items that represents days of old.  Even our hallways are littered with things to see including many rotating exhibits.


Our third floor has several  ‘hands on’ exhibits.  Younger visitors can play with items that are set out in some of the rooms. In our merchant area we have a saddle shop, a wool weaver, and a black smith shop. You can also explore rooms dedicated to old school items, musical instruments, and our Mexican heritage.