Everyone knows that the month of June is bridal season, that is why the Crockett County Museum has designated the month of June to showcase its unique Bridal Exhibit. We have wedding dresses that date back all the way from the year 1909 to present day.

The Bridal Exhibit is featured every five years, the last one on display was June 2012 with about 17 dresses on display. This year the exhibit grew more than twice its size with over 30 dresses to display and family history to go with each.

It is located on the main floor of the museum and will be featured until Labor Day 2017. There halls are lined with photographs, accessories and stories to share with anyone interested in observing this unique exhibit.

The museum is open Monday through Friday 9AM to 5PM and Saturday 10AM to 3PM there is a $3.00 admittance fee to tour the museum. If only interested in touring the Bridal Exhibit we accept donations in lieu of entrance fee.

Perner Sandra Childress Wedding Sally Griffith Araujo Glover Baggett Family Carlota Dehoyos Jennifer Medina Kirby Baker Wedding Carson Family Childress Family